Coffee Explained

Espresso - A short shot of coffee with beautiful natural crema made on the spot with near boiling water that is extracted through freshly ground beans.
Espresso Con Panna - Espresso topped with a delicious serving of whipped cream.
Macchiato - An espresso with a dash of foamed milk.
Americano - Americano is our ‘Black Coffee’. Traditionally, Americanos are a shot of espresso (two in a large) that hot water is poured into. Americano can be drunk with or without freshly steamed milk, which we serve on the side.
Latte - A base of Espresso (two shots in a large) topped with twice the measure of freshly steamed milk and a thin layer of velvety foam.
Cappuccino - A base of espresso (two shots in a large) topped with freshly steamed and frothed milk and a light dusting of cocoa. Cappuccino consists of 1/3 coffee, 1/3 milk and 1/3 foam.
Mocha - Mocha has the consistency of a latte with a mix of delicious tasting chocolate and velvety foam.
White Chocolate Mocha - A shot of espresso infused with our delicious white chocolate to give a sweet melt in your mouth enjoyable taste.
Decaffeinated - Caffe Latte offer a fine decaffeinated espresso for those that enjoy espresso based drinks.
Flavoured Coffees - We can add a tasty shot from our appetising range of syrups including Vanilla, Caramel, Chocolate, Hazelnut, Cinnamon, Gingerbread and many more...
Hot Chocolate - Caffe Lattes special hot chocolate flakes which are heated within freshly steamed frothed milk
Heaven - For a special treat we can top Coffees and Hot Chocolate with a decadent layer of whipped cream and marshmallows.
Tea - We carry a full range of teas in our stores to suit the tastes of our customers